Birthday Photos 2014

From Left to Right: Tonya, Diane, and Heather.
Happy December Birthday!

December 2014

From Left to Right: Randy, Judy, and Ron.
Happy November Birthday!

November 2014

From Left to Right: Sharon, Patrick, Tommy, & Laurie
Happy October Birthday!

October 2014

From Left to Right: Gary, Sharon, Angie, Karen, Mike, and Theresa. Happy September Birthday!

September 2014

Left to Right: David and Marie.
Happy August Birthday!

August 2014

Left to Right: Willie, Emily, & Joe.
Happy July Birthday!

July 2014

Left to Right: Norma and Sheila.
Happy June Birthday!

June 2014

Left to Right: Jan, Dave, & Cathy.
Happy May Birthday!

May 2014

Left to Right: Chandler & Gretchen, Francis, & Marti

April 2014

Left to Right: Martha Lazor, Jay Smoot, & Pam Vick

March 2014

Lorraine McKnight & Dan Schiro  - Happy February Birthday!

February 2014

Left to Right: Bill Alumbaugh, Terry Skains, Cindy Naumowicz, Teresa Hess  - Happy January Birthday!

January 2014


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