Who We Are

The Parrot Heads of Pensacola are people that enjoy the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle. We are a group of people that not only like to party, but enjoy getting involved in a variety of community and environmental services with the idea of doing something nice for the planet.

2024 Officers


F rank Rich
(Voting Position)

Vice President

Pam Vick
(Voting Position)


Jan Fietz
(Voting Position)


Karen Porter
(Voting Position)
Meet the Commitee Members
Position Committee Member Voteing Position?
 Director of Events Lisa Owen Yes
Charity Molllie West Yes
Ways & Means Lisa Dombroskie Yes
Membership Sharon Capen Yes
Co-Webmaster Jennifer Kensler Yes
Co-Webmaster Warren Owen Yes
Birth Month Judy Rosemond Yes
Photographer Tommy Rosemond Yes
Co-Founder Becky Wasington Yes
Does not count
toward quorum

Co-Founder Dianna Fordham Yes
Does not count
toward quorum